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Life Support
We all need an antenna to heaven;
A celestial wire to a greater good.
A guiding hand,
A softly whispered word.
It was the final, dying days of Autumn
When we scrambled, like criminals,
onto the roof of the house next door.
We lay together, hand in hand,
Watching the sky transcend.
We perceived a peaceful blue
Give way to the grey.
The thunder split the skies,
And you squeezed tighter.
And with every raindrop
We'd steal a breath,
Until the sky was black,
And we'd breathe no more.
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 1 0
Balloon by Ben-Cioban Balloon :iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 1 0 Photomanipulation Project 1 by Ben-Cioban Photomanipulation Project 1 :iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 3 1
Untitled II
It was not three weeks ago
I last gazed into her eyes -
Into pools of pure green light.
I felt her smooth touch,
Heard her voice of reason.
Let me begin...
I was adrift in a peaceful slumber,
The dreamscape spread infinitely in front of me.
Cool air from the fading Autumn
Caressing our sleeping bodies,
As one
So suddenly,
A crack through my consciousness;
A lightning bolt shooting through my entire body,
My entire being.
I split my eyelids with sheer trepidation,
Opened my shield from reality.
Only then was the true horror revealed to me -
And the blood,
Oh, the blood!
Spilling from the single crimson line,
Drawn with misery across her throat.
That single line,
That razor blade's kiss,
Burned into my memory,
From then until eternity.
The crimson of her life
Spilled forth from the wound.
Her frame was limp in my arms
As I cried and screamed,
Yelled and cursed,
To the heavens above me.
Her pale face,
Beautiful still in death,
Was peaked with blue.
Her icy lips were pulled back,
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 1 0
Zombie by Ben-Cioban Zombie :iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 5 1
Anywhere But Here
I can't just turn my back,
But I don't want to care.
I'm stuck inside my head,
Please take me anywhere but here.
With a bullet or a prayer,
Please take me away.
What can I do now?
This is driving me insane.
Take your fingers from my throat,
Cut yourself from my skin.
You possessed every inch of me,
And tore your way out from within.
I can't just turn my back,
But I don't want to care.
I'm stuck inside my head,
Please take me anywhere but here.
Jesus Christ save me,
This pain is all too real.
I know I can't cope much longer,
Show me how to not feel.
I feel so disillusioned,
So Goddamn betrayed.
Self destruction is my therapy,
Brutality my way.
My mind is close to breaking.
It's all out warfare.
Right there inside my head,
Please take me anywhere but here.  
I can't just turn my back,
But I don't want to care.
I'm stuck inside my head,
Please take me anywhere but here.
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 0
World's End
I want to see it all crumble,
I want to see it all fall down.
I'll laugh in the face of devastation,
Transfixed by the falling of the nations.
Better hurry and get a front row seat
For Armageddon.
The Earth will open and swallow me,
Will take me in,
And rebirth me from it's core.
I'm the forsaken child
With blood on my hands
And ruin in my eyes.
You all thought you would make a difference,
You all thought could change the world.
But in the end, you leave nothing,
Save maybe some shadows of memories,
and a little slice of pain.
For in the end,
When do we stop living.
And start dying?
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 0
Searching for Heaven... by Ben-Cioban Searching for Heaven... :iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 3 0
This is my concrete jungle;
I walk it's forgotten pathways,
My hands caress it's rusted metal.
There are so many souls,
Trapped within the spiderwebs
Of broken windows.
This is my concrete prison;
Decorated by tattered banners
Of worthless apologies.
Populated by blind preachers,
Selling false hope
To those who need it most -
The dying, the soulless and the damned
This is my concrete tomb;
Where my last frozen breaths
Escape my icy lungs
As clouds of mist.
I lay here,
Fading away in my eternal winter landscape
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 0
A cut here,
A slice there.
I will be perfect
A little pain
For so much gain
I have to be perfect
So much work
Make me perfect
Just to be perfect
Dead young
A brittle skeleton
Finally perfect
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 1
Mature content
Untitled 1 :iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 1 1
The Meaning of Life
For this isn't living,
It's a mere existence;
A day to day crawl
Through the mud and shit of the world.
Being spit on by all those higher than us,
Better than us.
Kicked in the teeth,
We taste the blood of defeat.
And all this,
For what?
To finally end up in the ground,
Back into the dirt we've spent our whole lives tasting.
Just to start the whole damn process again.
So stop feeling;
It makes everything that much easier.
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 4
The Dance of Two Mortal Hearts
You're the best damn thing
To have happened to me.
With just a glance you can conjure a smile.
You can tell me the world
Without saying a thing
And I just want to stay with you a while.
You've saved me from the darkness
and killed all my nightmares;
Held my hand through all of my fears.
I'll try my best to touch you
And hope you can feel me,
Just so I can stop these tears.
I'd stay with you forever
If you could tolerate me,
And hand in hand, through the cosmos, we'll fly.
You know I'd do most anything for you,
I'd die right now
To make you feel alive.
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 2 5
A Wristcutter's Love Story
Ah, the sweet kiss of the blade
There's nothing like it,
It lowers itself,
To the tender flesh of my arm.
So slowly
Caresses it
with a silky touch.
It rises,
From it's bed of my skin.
So slowly
Drips rubies
Precious rubies.
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 1 0
If only it were that easy by Ben-Cioban If only it were that easy :iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 1
Time Weaver
We are all woven from the threads of time.
Sewn by our Eternal Father.
And as we live our lives
These threads are pulled,
And we slowly fall apart.
With every tick of the clock,
And every swing of the pendulum,
We are dethreaded,
And so slowly pulled apart.
Limb from insignificant limb.
And, just as quickly as we came to be;
We are done.
Our final hour has come an gone,
And our final breath spent.
Our threads return to the hands of our Father,
To be sewn again,
Into something new.
Our souls,
And all memories of us
Are enveloped into the folds of the eternal cloth,
Into the folds of time,
And into the great infinity.
And we are forgotten,
Once more we return,
To nothing.
:iconben-cioban:Ben-Cioban 0 0


Spaceman by kris-wilson Spaceman :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 938 222 tattoo by chuckie96 tattoo :iconchuckie96:chuckie96 2,324 346 Blanka by Shiryu-TGC Blanka :iconshiryu-tgc:Shiryu-TGC 585 150 .: Stock Eye :. by tongastock .: Stock Eye :. :icontongastock:tongastock 146 73 Anonymous by tanya-n Anonymous :icontanya-n:tanya-n 8,936 3,833
The Cuts
On the wrist
On the neck
or anywhere on my own
im not comiting sucide
im not even attempting
its just the pain
adding up
building up
forming inside me
the ache of this unfit heart
and the torture
cuts adding, mulitiplying even
to inflict physical pain
to release emotional pain
The blood dribbles off
flowing carelessly on my clothes
or in the air
or on the floor drying away
a stain
of my pain
it scars up
but the pain
inside of me
crawls around
never wanting to go away
some part of me begs it to leave
some part of me pleads it to stay
But the cuts... cuts......
will stay with me
until the night falls
for me to take my final lay...
:iconxxkinkyxkitsunexx:xXKinkyXKitsuneXx 194 73
Depression by zardo Depression :iconzardo:zardo 1,213 239 Assassin's Bureau Sketch by doubleleaf Assassin's Bureau Sketch :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 5,803 643 From the white island... by MarinStefan From the white island... :iconmarinstefan:MarinStefan 12,765 1,438 Nothing Else Matters by ictenbey Nothing Else Matters :iconictenbey:ictenbey 98 9 COLLAB: Let's Have Some Fun by madelezabeth COLLAB: Let's Have Some Fun :iconmadelezabeth:madelezabeth 843 61 OMNOMSTAMP by madelezabeth OMNOMSTAMP :iconmadelezabeth:madelezabeth 3,214 111 Depression by tommyboii Depression :icontommyboii:tommyboii 151 82
No Pain
you see no mark upon my skin
you see no tear in my eye
you see no sign of pain
therefor I must not be in pain
I must not cry myself
to sleep at night
or wake up screaming
because of haunted dreams
I must not pull the blade
across my skin
and hope that one day
it drives in deeper
I must not fear the darkness
or shudder at the thought of silence
I must not hide myself from
life and prying eyes that
judge your worth as a person
upon the shine of your smile
you hear no gasp escape my mouth
you hear no horror tale from my past
you hear no words of pain
therefor I must not be in pain
I must not scream so loud it's silent
or throw things against my
bedroom walls
I must not kick and scream
and punch things that no one else can see
I must not drown myself
in the brown bagged bottle
in the hopes that i will forget
or tie the rope around my neck
and pray i find the courage to
pull it tighter
you don't see or hear my pain
therefor you think i feel no pain
you see what I choose for you to see
you h
:iconangelsdemise:AngelsDemise 1,078 325
Solitude by azrael-x64 Solitude :iconazrael-x64:azrael-x64 932 205



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Hello friends (and anyone else who just happens to stumble across this);

I would like to take this opportunity to bring to light two favourite artists of mine, as well as good friends. They are both relatively new to the dA scene, but are both very talented in their chosen fields. So, please give them a look, some feedback, and give them a wee bit of support. I think we all remember when we were bright eyed little newbies here, so help out some fellow artists, and give them an opportunity to bloom. Anyway, without further ado, here are the links:…

Thanks in advance, and all the best,



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